Green Games, Rio Olympics 2016

It’s game time!

The ongoing Rio Olympics has us all pumped up and ready to support our nations. It’s a time when patriotism burns high and social conversations revolve around medal counts.


Focus on the environment

With a sustainability management plan in place, the Olympics at Rio promised to be an environmentally friendly event.

The games kick started in a grand scale with pumping music, lights and danI43dqWg7cers, show casing a true Latin party atmosphere. I felt the focus on the environment and peek in awareness created by the ceremony was wonderful while not taking away attention from the athletes. Each country’s flagbearer led the parade accompanied by a child carrying a plant, highlighting the game’s ecological theme. The athletes completed their parade with depositing a seedling into a cartridge that would later be planted to create a forest of 12,000 trees in Deodoro.


Amidst criticism around the cleanliness and pollution of the waters surrounding the Olympic grounds, the opening ceremony proved to be a positive step towards a sustainable direction. Hoping there is an equal focus on cleaning the bay in the coming days and improvement of environmental impact in other areas of the games.

Post Olympics

While other countries have ignored and often abandoned their Olympic stadiums after the games, Rio has planned for the future and taken a socially responsible stand by using infrastructure that can be taken apart and repurposed to be used as schools and public recreational areas. Read more about the planned transformation of Rio’s stadiums here.

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