A Futuristic Eco-City in the Desert: Masdar City

Living in Dubai and being an environmentalist, how could I not visit 100_1023Masdar City, also known as one of the world’s first planned sustainable city. I could not contain my excitement when I first realized that I would be going to the city, to see for myself what the future could look like.

Entering Masdar City

You enter the lobby to find user friendly electronic screens filled with global stats and eye-opening facts about environmental impacts.

As a 90’s kid who grew up watching Jetsons, entering this city was like entering a futuristic fantasy world for me.

Flying Through


You then jump into one of the cushioned mini pods or tiny cars from the stations that whisk you off to the main buildings. This electric personal rapid transit system is driver-less and automated, requiring no personnel to operate. They are a low carbon transport means of transport system that use magnets and overhead antennas to travel to and fro.

Sustainably trendy1


Once you arrive in the main area and walk outside, you are greeted by a cooler temperature and environment as compared to outside the city. The combination of traditional with sustainable design of the buildings that are terracotta coloured, native trees and a looming wind tower all aid to help cooler the temperature within the city for visitors.


Sustainably trendy2

You are encouraged to walk through the pathways, grab a bite from the cafes and explore the energy efficient buildings with solar roofs. When inside Masdar City, one needs to constantly remind themselves that they are in the middle of the desert.


The Future

In 2008, Masdar City started their journey in research and urban development on sustainability which is commendable and paves the way a more environmentally conscious future.

Projects like the Dubai Sustainable City, a one of a kind net zero environmental residential city are underway.


Visit Masdar City’s Website for more information 





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