Recycling in Dubai Just Got Easier

The Unique Project

As part of Dubai Municipality’s Smart Sustainability Oasis Project, 13 highly fuctional smart recycling centers are planned to be opened in popular areas of Dubai as part of the first phase. This project is aimed to increase awareness and work towards making Dubai a more smart and sustainable city. The first center was opened in Al Manara center, Al Safa on Sheikh Zayed Road. The second one in opened in Al Karama, near Karama Park. These centers are made from used containers, reuses soda cans for décor and uses energy efficient bulbs.


What makes these 24×7 centers stand out is rather than the usual containers for plastic and paper or glass, these provide over 15 categories of recyclable bins with appropriately sized hatches. These categories range from plastics, cans, paper, cardboard, metals, wood, leather, textile, rubber to glass divided into colored and clear glass and electronic waste divided into large e-waste, batteries, electrical lamps, mobile phones and even small round flaps to drop in your old hard disks!


The Karama Recycling Center

The Municipality’s newly opened recycling center in Karama is located adjacent to the Karama park and at the corner of the parking lot, which make it great for dropping off bigger items.


My visit to the center to drop off my recyclables coincided with the pickup of items by the recycling company, and I discovered from a short chat with them that there had been a great response from the public within a month of the center’s opening.


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