Easy DIY Home Recycling Box

Materials required:


Cardboard box (you can reuse packaging boxes, shoe boxes)img_1816

Your favorite print outs, color paper or Paint (you can reuse old print outs)

Letter cut outs from magazines



Cello tape



Measure the length and width of the cardboard box. I reused an IKEA packaging box


Cut out the print outs of paper according to the measurements or alternatively you can paint the box


Stick the paper onto the cardboard box using glue



Ensure you cover the entire surface of the box in the paper of your choice. I chose old world maps and scrap book paper that were remaining from my school days


Use cello tape/glue to secure the paper onto the box if required and colored tape around the edges to give a neat touch



Lastly, use the cut out letters from magazines to read ‘Recycling’ or ‘Recycle’ in bold and stick that onto the cardboard box


Your DIY Home Recycling Box is ready for collecting your plastics and glass regularly, to be deposited in recycling centers nearest to you. This is an easy, quick and great project for you and your kids to unleash your creativeness and raise awareness at the same time.











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