A Visit To The Royal Botanical Gardens – Melbourne

Natural Beauty

If you are a nature lover and ever find yourself in the beautiful Melbourne city of Australia, you should definitely make a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens. It’s nestled within the city, has free entry and is a short tram ride from the main Flinders City Railway station.


While this place was on my bucket list for a year when I was in Melbourne, I finally got a chance to visit the gardens with my sister in December and we absolutely loved it.


A Walk To Remember

We had the warm sun shining upon us as we made the 45-minute stroll along the marked pathway and enjoyed the scenic beauty. There are also various tours, both free and paid available, according to your interests but we decided we wanted to walk at our own pace and stop at intervals to take in our surroundings.






The garden is host to a wonderful variety of colourful native flowers and trees and is a botanist’s paradise.






Relax By The Lake


You have a choice of embarking on a boat ride on the lake within the park or grabbing some food or a cup of famous Melbourne coffee (in a reusable cup of course) which you enjoy outdoors or as you sit on a bench by the lake.


A Bit of Australian History


For all you with interests in history and wars, there’s a shrine of remembrance museum at one end of the botanical gardens, which takes you back in time in Australia’s history.



I would definitely recommend a visit to the botanical garden during your visit to Melbourne. Combine the garden visit with a tour of the other city sights such as St Paul’s Cathedral, the famous graffiti lane’s and some cheeky shopping.

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*All images are taken and owned by Sustainably Trendy

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