WETEX (Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition) and WGES (World Green Economy Summit) 2016

I got the opportunity to attend WETEX and WGES on 4th October, which were happening in Dubai and was pleasantly surprised at the innovation and seminars that I came across.


I was quite overwhelmed when I entered the exhibition hall of WETEX, unsure of where to start. The hall was massive with exhibitors from around the globe showcasing the latest innovations in the water, energy, technology and environmental sectors.



My Top Picks

I could only complete browsing through 3/4th of the stands and here are some of the stands and products that stood out to me in the field.

Masdar Innovations

Masdar engages and boosts students and researchers in the engineering field to come up with creative solutions for a more sustainable future.


The Emirates EVRT in January

I become aware of the Emirates Electric Vehicle Road Trip which in partnership with Engie are going to be travelling around the seven emirates of U.A.E in January 2017 in cars such as Tesla and others. This is to spread awareness for a sustainable transport option in the U.A.E. This is going to be an interesting project which I look forward to learning more about.


Sustainable City

Sustainable City which is being built in Dubai, is aiming to be the first Net Zero Energy city in Dubai. With an impressive stand with the layout of the city including planned urban green spaces and in house agriculture, energy efficient housing, electric vehicles, walking pathways and solar energy dependency, this is a project to look forward to. Giving away small plants to visitors was a sweet gesture and highlighted their commitment.




Sky River Water Filter

An interesting stall that was quite fascinating, what set Sky River apart from other water filters was that this filter had a chemical process that produced clean drinking water from thin air (humidity). I was amazed and was given a taste of the water and let me tell you, it was good quality water and safe.


The World Green Economy Summit was interesting to attend and set out the future plans for the U.A.E in terms of sustainability. The first day has speakers such as the UNDP Administrator Helen Clark and the singer Akon speaking passionately about his solar project. The topics ranged from green finance to people’s role in sustainability and showcased a global cooperation of organizations’ and people coming together for a common purpose.





Find out more about WETEX – https://www.wetex.ae/

Find out more about WGES – http://www.wges.ae/



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