Amidst the Tea Estates in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka- Know Where Your Food Comes From

It’s been a while since I have written a post and I can half account this to lack of inspiration and half to just not finding the time. With the weather becoming cooler in Dubai, a walk in the park cleared my mind and excited me to write again. This blog post is going to be a continuation to my Instagram post on my tea estate experience and hopefully provide inspiration for you to be more challenging and interrogative of your daily food habits.


Nuwara Eliya

This was on our last day in Sri Lanka and after hearing about the beauty of the infamous Nuwara Eliya town, we made sure to include it in our itinerary. Believe me the slight discomfort and dizziness from the windy roads up the mountains to reach Nuwara Eliya was definitely worth it.


This little town can be reached in under three hours from the city of Kandy but rain and wet roads delayed our journey by just a little bit.

Tea Estates in Little England


On the way to our hotel we decided to stop by a tea estate and tea factory and we were taken back to the 1900s, the days when the British founded and ran the tea factories. Also nicknamed Little England, the picturesque city has 100-year-old tea factories that still stands functional to this day. The staff at the estate were kind enough to provide us with a tour of this massive factory and show us the tea making process and let me tell you, it makes me appreciate my cup of tea even more. It’s fascinating to hear all the different types and flavors of tea that is available and the process it undergoes to reach our homes.


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Shortly after the tour, we ventured out in the tea fields and were welcomed by rows of steep hills filled with aroma filled tea plantations. We even spotted a few tea pickers on the job and were amazed at the speed with which they picked the leaves.



Sparked My Thoughts

My general curiosity is heightened during travelling and my trip to these tea estates in Sri Lanka was no different. I am not sure if it was the breath of fresh rural air or being surrounded by foggy mist, but something made me want to delve deeper into finding out the origin of my food in my daily life.


Read about the post when I was curious about what I wear. Standing there in the middle with these women around me plucking the best looking leaves to provide the best tasting cup of tea, my mind started to wonder.

Do You Know About Your Food?


We have started to become disconnected with our food as compared to our parents, grandparents and forefathers. I have heard stories from my mother of how she used to pick mangoes and coconut straight from their garden trees and often had fights with her siblings over who got the biggest piece. While many of us might not have the liberty of having juicy fruits and vegetables growing in our home garden, we can definitely make the effort to know where our food comes from and what goes into it.


As far as I am concerned, the more natural growing food, the better it is for consumption, with seasonal fruits and vegetables the best option. Genetically modified food has scientists contesting over it, so it’s definitely on my ‘not to experiment with’ list and processed food is something I try to avoid. One should try and buy local food as much as possible as it’s healthier (fresher), boosts your local economy and has a low environmental impact. Farmer’s market and cooperatives are good places to buy your food from and its common nowadays to see little labels that pinpoint the origin of the fresh food you buy to help you make your decision. I am definitely still doing more research into this topic as the days go and being equipped with more knowledge will give me more power to make more responsible decisions for the future. Hope this post has sparked some thoughts in you, do leave some comments below on your thoughts and ideas on this.


Until next time….





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