Sustainability at The Farm, Al Barari

An oasis in the desert, that is how I would describe this magical place nestled just off the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.



I have always loved visiting green spaces as it brings a sense of calm and tranquility. My curiosity heightened when I heard about the abundant greenery and appetizing food at The Farm in Dubai.

The Farm


Entering the road to the restaurant, tall palm trees and shrubs parallel guided us to the parking space.



The restaurant offers a rustic ambiance with chalk boards and elegant white wooden cabins and glass houses.

The Food

The soft rustle of the leaves, birds chirping and trickle from the nearby water fall provided a cozy ambiance while we divulged the delicious dishes offered at The Farm.


A wide array of high quality options is offered to guests for breakfast and lunch by the inviting restaurant which is reflected by the various awards displayed near the counter at the entrance. While we had visited the Farm for breakfast, the scrumptious breakfast turned to be more like a filling brunch.



Everywhere I looked, I was overwhelmed by the importance given to preserving the surrounding ecosystem at Al Barari.

DSC_0091 (2)

Importance to Environment at Al Barari

Wide variety of flora and fauna have been planted and maintained at the Al Barari, providing various benefits such as reducing air pollution, emissions and decreasing the ambient high temperatures that are faced in Dubai. The high amount of water used to maintain this vegetation raises  questions, however at The Barari a sewage treatment system provides environmentally friendly treated water for irrigation.



The water way and aquatic plants in turn offers a comfortable habitat for native wildlife species and migratory birds. Recycled green waste is used as compost for the vegetation at the Farm as well as other environmentally friendly initiatives are set at the Barrari, making it a comfortable sustainable place for residents and visitors.

The Farm at The Barari is a place I would highly recommend for a special occasion and make sure to book  a reservation to confirm your table at this highly visited place in Dubai!

More information about The Barari

More information about The Farm


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