Drop It! Drop the idea of plastic bottles

Drop It UAE

During the month of May, I was invited by the highly enterprising owner of the Drop It campaign – Ms. Tatiana for the celebration of Drop It UAE’s one-year establishment in the country.

Image Source: Drop It Facebook page

Even thought the event was on a weekday evening, I made sure to rush to the Souk Al Madinat after work, to show my support as an environmentalist and environmental blogger. I have to admit that being in the environmental industry and promoting sustainable products and services in this region can be quite challenging. It is therefore great to see businesses such as the Drop It campaign make a difference and become so popular.

The Campaign

The Drop It campaign was started a year ago to encourage ‘dropping’ the idea of single use plastic bottles and start drinking water from taps at homes and offices using reusable bottles With increasing global plastic waste causing drastic environmental impacts, the campaign highlights other practical alternatives such as installing tap water filtration.

Campaigns such as these are required to create awareness and behavioral change towards adopting reusable bottles and reducing daily plastic consumption, with the aim to eventually eliminate its use.

Inspiring Leaders


The event was graced by the the excellencies HH Minister of Climate Change and Environment and HH Green Sheikh who gave inspiring speeches to the audience to live a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

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The Panelists

It was interesting to listen to the panelists from different backgrounds having a conversation on stage on our impacts of plastic on marine life to water consumption of day to day items and innovative solution-based technologies.


I was also introduced to the company DGrade at the event, a business that produces T-shirts from recycled plastic bottles. As a DGrade employee present at the event explained, the bottles are crushed into small pellets and reprocessed into yarn which is used to create tees, clothing, and accessories. Read about my previous – where has your T-shirt been article here. This is a solution for the environmental impact from increasing plastic bottle waste and also the increased material extractions required to produce a clothing item. I hope to see DGrade soon in the U.A.E and welcome other such sustainable based businesses.

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The event which saw attendees from different age groups and industries was informative and I wish the best for Drop It to succeed in spreading their motto and celebrating many more years in the country.

I would like to sign off with a quote from His Highness Green Sheikh at the event on creating change – “Don’t be in a cave, be a wave”.

Find out more – Drop It
Find out more – DGrade

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