My Take on Natural and Organic Product Options in the U.A.E

Surprise…. Surprise

It takes a lot to surprise me but recently that’s just what happened. To start off with, you should know that it is highly uncommon for me to win any raffle draws or competitions, even with all the wishful thinking. Hence why, I was totally shocked when I was announced as the winner of a hamper for the Breast Cancer Awareness #ThinkSafePink competition run by GreenChic ME in collaboration with Organic Glow beauty salon. Even though I usually shy away from participating in competitions that give away beauty products, what led me to participate – was the great cause these two local businesses were joining hands for and their promotion of cruelty-free and natural products, which I wholeheartedly support.


Top Favorites

Without further ado, let me get to my top pick from the products I received as part of the giveaway-

  1. Shirley Conlon Rosewater Spritz – DSC_0356

This locally produced organic spray is something I have been reaching for every evening. It is a refreshing and natural toner that is soothing for your skin after a long tiring day. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle which is reusable – totally love that. I am content as it has now filed the long time open position I was seeking for a natural toner.

  1. Melvita Bouquet Floral Cleansing Foam – DSC_0348

This is a great option for hardworking and busy women as having clear and soft skin, makes it one less problem in our plate to tackle – am I right? I have to also admit that I am guilty of generally skimming over the cleansing part of the ‘skin care’ ritual. I found that the cleansers I did try were  quite drying to my already dry skin. Ever since I started hesitantly trying out the Melvita cleanser however, my face seems to be more clear and smooth, getting me to start ‘cleansing’ again. A majority of the ingredients (99%) are from a natural origin and 21% from organic farming. The foam smells like a mixture of orange and rose and just a little pump of it is enough for cleansing your face and I recommend following it up with a light moisturizer. Added bonus points also for the plastic bottle being recyclable at the end of use.

GreenChic ME is the e-commerce website to find these two skincare essentials in the U.A.E.

  1. Zoya Natural Nail Polish – DSC_0374

This was a surprise find in my hamper as it was tucked away at the bottom. I hadn’t heard of any nail polishes that were natural and I immediately got typing away on my keyboard to find out what ‘Zoya’ products contained. So this brand of nail polishes are known for being the longest wearing natural nail polishes (which I found to be true) and do not contain Fomaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate),Toulene (also known as the toxic trio) & Camphor – which are just terms to us but I found out that they could be quite harmful to health. It’s a relief to find out that these aren’t used by the brand.

Keep in mind that I found while applying the polish that the consistency was a bit thin and it requires two coats to achieve the right color and finish.

Love the pop of pink

A big plus was the lack of strong smell of nail polish that usually floods your nostrils when using other polishes. This nail polish is the example of the kind of natural and skin friendly products that are used at the Organic Glow salon in Jumeirah Village Circle. I would highly recommend visiting the salon for some natural pampering and hint – they do great gift cards as well.

Note to Readers

Disclaimer: I received six products and the ones mentioned above are the products I am loving the most. I am not a skin care expert and this is my honest review after trying the products personally and is not a promotion. Hope this provides a guide or inspiration for anyone looking for natural products and services in the U.A.E.


Enjoy the pampering xx


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