My Switch to Bamboo Toothbrushes


Morning Habits

It’s easy to look past our daily habits and the products we are accustomed to using regularly.  However, now with plastic pollution being one of the biggest threat to our oceans – it is time that we begin to change our habits. Let me assure you that this is neither hard nor expensive in the long run. All that it requires is some awareness and some effort from us to opt for the more sustainable choice.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

First thing every morning with my eyes barely open, I make my way to the bathroom and reach for my plastic toothbrush almost instinctively. These brushes serve their purpose dutifully and are replaced when worn out. Do we think about where these used brushes go? Out of sight, out of mind, right? I am guilty of doing the same – of not questioning, of not thinking about what happens to these items…



I believe an idea is never too late or too small to be dismissed. I was pleased therefore to collaborate with Cling Nature UAE who offer sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to the global plastic issue and make the switch to using a sustainable toothbrush.

After using Cling Nature’s bamboo toothbrushes for over a month, I can confidently say that these sustainable and naturally anti-bacterial brushes do a smooth job and I love how each toothbrush has been ergonomically carved for utmost comfort.


Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrushes

The MOS natural bamboo handles are compostable at the end of their life, meaning they would degrade during composting and leave no toxic traces on Earth.

The different color bristles are made from Nylon4 and are BPA-free (BPA is harmful to health as it’s known cause hormone disruptions).

The packaging these beautiful individual sustainable toothbrushes come in are biodegradable, i.e. they can be broken up by natural microorganisms and bacteria.


These Bamboo India toothbrushes are imported from the state of Maharashtra in India, where they are sustainably harvested and provide a secure income for rural communities.

Images from Cling Nature of the bamboo farms in India

These brushes need to be kept in a cool and dry environment for a longer life and at the end of it’s life, feel free to separate the bristles from the handle. While the small bristles have to be thrown away, the bamboo handle can be reused as a drink stirrer/plant marker or composted (if a facility is available near you).

Your Choices

With over seven billion people on Earth, one can imagine the sheer number of plastic toothbrushes being used and thrown away each year. Make a switch to these sustainable and rustic toothbrushes (that would make your friends envious) and reduce your impact on the Earth at the same time.


U.A.E residents can purchase these toothbrushes here: Souq

Visit Cling Nature for more information and check out other bamboo products on offer

Read more about the inspiring story of how Bamboo India was started 


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