Smart Recycling Center at Al Satwa Park Gate 1: Dubai Financial Center


As I am writing this blog piece, I have a sly smile on my face. The only reason for this is something I spotted recently in my neighborhood. No longer can anyone say that it’s a chore or difficult for them to segregate waste or recycle in Dubai.

Smart Recycling Centers

Let me explain why … While I was on a walk, I spotted the bright multicolored steel container pop up, elevated above ground level.



This is only one of the newest additions of 24×7 smart recycling centers that are sprouting up all around Dubai. Check out my article on the recycling center I used to previously drive to for recycling and how the project started. Thanks to Dubai Municipality for their increased efforts towards reduced waste to landfill and becoming a sustainable city as part of Dubai Plan 2021. For this project, Dubai Municipality has partnered with waste management company, Averda to integrate these centers and collect the recyclables from strategic locations around the city.



With a mere 300 meter walk from my house; I can reach the recycling center which is adjacent to Al Satwa park – gate 1 and Enoc petrol station. This is located parallel to the famous Sheikh Zayed Road near to Financial Center hub.



Things cannot get any easier and I cannot wait to stroll there with my reusable cloth bag around my shoulders and deposit my recyclables, knowing I am doing my bit for the environment.


Get some inspiration from my DIY recycling box to collect all your recyclable waste in your kitchen at home.

Easy 6 step DIY

Smart it is

Being a smart recycling center – bright colors and clear signs guide you to deposit glass, metal, paper and 25 other categories including electronic waste into the right window chute.

These centers are equipped with solar panels and been designed from reused containers artfully to attract the right attention in any environment. This is a great addition to neighborhoods, near parks and provide plenty of accessibility for residents and aids to the development of a more smart and sustainable city.



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