This is the future – Sustainable City, Dubai


Getting there

As you exit from Emirates Road and enter the premises of Sustainable City, there is a refreshing change in your surroundings. Among the tall skylines in the metropolitan city of Dubai, the Sustainable City by Diamond Developers is a place that stands apart as revolutionary.


Sustainable transport

The city noise slowly subsides as you travel further into the development and notice horses galloping parallel, at the equestrian club and. For visitors and residents traveling by car, the ride ends soon after you enter the community entrance.


As the area is designed to be a no petrol vehicle zone, you are guided to park at the solar shaded parking lots and disembark from your carbon emitting vehicles.


You may then hop onto one of the club cars or golf carts or walk on the dedicated pedestrian paths to continue exploring the city sustainably. More eco-conscious travelers can opt to travel by metro and a bus to reach the Sustainable City.


Green Cleaning

We were fortunate to be invited to tour the mini city by the CEO of Green Touches, a company based in Sustainable City and specializing in organic cleaning supplies.

Ms. Adrienne showed us around the city and its different features such as the recent addition of innovative aqueous ozone filter for a natural and chemical-free cleaning.


She is a passionate environmentalist who leads a natural lifestyle and follows similar values in running her business.

Community and sustainable living

The futuristic model of the city has a long-term vision for a closed-loop cycle for waste, with the introduction of composting and segregated bins near every housing area.


The composted material is also utilized within the city at the four greenhouses, which grows edible plants and other vegetation. Residents are educated and involved in the composting and gardening through regular workshops and events.




Electricity, one of the major resource consumption in the U.A.E, was another aspect taken into consideration at the city. The villas within the city are fitted with solar panels and residents receive their bill along with information on the amount consumed from solar and amount substituted from the main substation (i.e, fossil fuels). The city has achieved the feat of being the first net zero energy operational city in Dubai.


Paving the way for the future

With the increase in regular organic events at the Sustainable city, it is a great place for you and your family to visit, if you are not already one of the lucky ones who reside there! There is so much to learn and take away from the way the community has been designed, such as the high level of livability for residents and low environmental impact living.


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