Drive Through Nagarhole National Park

A trip with your closest cousins is bound to be memorable and this trip was no exception. The five of us started our drive from Bangalore early Friday morning towards Coorg or Kodagu, the local name. En route, we decided to drive through the Rajiv Gandhi Nagarhole National Park upon hearing wonderful reviews about the place.


In the Wild

The name Nagarhole means Cobra River in the local Kannada language due to the winding river that cuts across the 644 square kilometers of National Park.


Rich with diverse flora and fauna, the area is a gem that should be on every Indian traveler’s list. Though we were short on time and could not explore the interiors on the forest safari, the drive through the park was a refreshing change. The settings of the place complete with tall teak, sandalwood trees and simple cottages for the forest officials’ families are a sight to behold.



A few kilometers after our entry we are welcomed by a number of deer hopping through the fields. Wind gushing through our faces as we drive at minimum speed, we spot monkeys and other wildlife on the trees around us.



While we were fortunate to see some of the wildlife, the National Park is also home to elephants and tigers, which have been known to cross paths through the very road we were driving.


Inner Peace

Breathing in the fresh oxygen, and hearing the leaves rustle, we never quite realized how an hour passed.


An entry stamp which records your time is given to visitors, so the exit on the gate at the other end is completed within the given time limit. This ensures there is no wildlife disturbance or unnecessary stops made by tourists in the park.

This beautiful park is still fresh in my mind and I am sure to plan another trip inclusive of the Safari to immerse myself in the sounds of nature.
For more information on the park and safari: Nagarhole National Park

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