Hair-Free, Waste-Free with Safety Razors


Bathrooms are one of the places in your house with the most amount of plastic. One of the easy swaps I highly recommend you to make is to switch from plastic razors to a safety razor. It’s a tried and tested an inexpensive method of getting rid of unwanted hair. What’s more, it’s sustainable for you cost wise as well.


Olden Day Tradition

Having grown up watching my grandfather in India use razor blades to shave, often made me quite curious. Like more environmentally-friendly swaps I keep discovering, our past generations were often smart in their choices or were there only sustainable options available in the market?


But I digress…


Cost Savings

One can purchase these safety razors online along with the razor blades which is an investment, however, think back to how many times you visit the store to purchase disposable razors or blades or any related add-ons. Let me give you the approximate cost breakdown based on online sites-

Safety Razor

• Razor – around USD 40-50
• 100 Blades – around USD 10

Disposable Razor

• Razor – around USD 25-30
• 8 Blades – USD 30 and above


Think about it all the disposable razors and blades you use lie in the landfill on this very planet ladies and gents and instead choose to use a safety razor. This is for the environment and for your pocket.


It is tricky to use the safety razor the first time, it has to be held at a 30 degree angle,  so YouTube videos are your best friend to help you with these tips.

The used blades are stainless steel and have to be disposed of in a safe manner (in a closed contained box). Do check with your local recycling company if they would accept them.


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