Boston Whale Watching

Day 4 or 5 of our U.S. trip and I had lost all track of days and dates which is habitual during my holidays. I woke up that day in Boston city on my creaky sofa bed and tiptoed through the cold hardwood floors of our basement Airbnb. Did I mention it was a lovely wide open spaced apartment space, excepting for the bitter cold A/C as there was no thermostat insight.


We quickly got ready, all 5 of us and made our way to a family’s place as we have family members spread across the American continent. After navigating our way to their house in the middle of a quiet suburb, we gobbled a scrumptious breakfast that awaited us and caught up with them, their little one and their cousin who was visiting them. With a loose plan for the day, we hoped to visit Cape Cod and go for a highly recommended Whale watching cruise.


However, it was close to noon when we left our family’s house and since it was a weekend we were informed regarding the possibility of high traffic on the one-way road leading to Cape Cod. On the fence, we decided to take a chance as one of us took the wheel and we set off on our way to Cape Cod. Our next task was to find a whale watching tour that had tickets available. I decided to take the lead and started making calls to the different tour agencies based along the different points of the winding Cape Cod Island but to no avail.


Google maps had informed us that we had over 2 hours of drive to go reach the end of the Cape Cod and all the tours were booked, with only one last tour available at 4:30 pm. Upon calling them, the front salesperson was doubtful as to us reaching the boarding point on time for the last tour and discouraged us from buying the tickets online. We decided as a last resort to try the tour or at least relax by the beach on the island which was known for spectacular views.


As time would have it, it was our lucky day and we sped through the island in no time and made it to the tour with 10 minutes to spare. We were told the boat is sparsely filled and were even provided discounts for our tickets. Little did we realize that this cruise we would remember and is a MUST see for every one visiting Boston. 


Soon, we set off to the wide-open ocean and as the landmass decreased in size behind us; we breathed in the fresh ocean air and settled down for the cruise. Not even an hour into the cruise, the captain revved the boat to a standstill as we spotted our first whale on the horizon. Adding to our excitement were the voices of passionate young researchers on board who explained the names of the whales, the different species and other characteristics. Through the length of the cruise, we heard gasps of ‘oohs’ and ‘wows’ from our co-passengers as we spotted several Humpback whales and Fin whales, with some gliding really close to our boat.

The magnitude of the size of those whales was astonishing as they turned on their backs and dived back into the ocean, their flippers’ in full sight. On that day we were also lucky to spot two sets of mom and whale calf swimming adjacent the ocean near us.

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Throughout the cruise, we learnt more about the whale species including their distinguishing marks on their flippers and I found a newfound respect for marine life.

Recent studies found that those very Humpback whales in the South Atlantic ocean have bounced back from extinction due to conservation efforts while Fin whales in North Atlantic have been recorded as endangered.


Looking across all directions, our eyes scanned the wide ocean insight of new whales and towards the end of the satisfying trip; I vowed to do more towards ocean conservation and protection of such beautiful species on earth.



Till next time…


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