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Match Your Interests

Are you itching to do something with the extra time on your hands? Are you someone who wants to help out in this situation but feel your hands are tied at the moment?



For those who fall into those categories and even for those that don’t but want to try something different, keep reading.

Globally, organizations such as NGOs and communities are facing significant challenges due to the current situation of COVID-19 and suffer from lack of resources, funds. They require your support now more than ever.

Be it you are a good communicator, writer, social media enthusiast, website developer, multi-linguistic or have other interesting talents such as project management, you can give back by lending a hand to these NGOs. Choose the area which excites you the most, volunteer your time from the comfort of your home and contribute to these organizations that help build our society for the better.


Where to Start

I have compiled the below list for an easier look and access to the useful links where you can volunteer remotely: 

·        Online Volunteering  

This is the official UN volunteering webpage. The website is available in English, French, and Spanish.

Browse through opportunities within different categories such as Writing and editing; Translation; Art and design; Project development and management; Technology development; Research; Outreach and advocacy; Teaching and training; Community organizing; Administration; Leadership and strategy; Event organization. Choose the opportunity with the suited time frame (number of hours) per week.  

·        Volunteer Match

This website offers virtual volunteering in areas of Advocacy & Human Rights; Children & Youth; Community; Community; Computers & Technology; Crisis Support; Disaster Relief; Education & Literacy; Emergency & Safety; Employment; Environment; Faith-Based; Health & Medicine; Homeless & Housing; Hunger; Immigrants & Refugees; International; Justice & Legal; LGBTQ+; Media & Broadcasting; People with Disabilities; Politics; Race & Ethnicity; Seniors; Sports & Recreation; Veterans & Military Families; Women with advanced filter options.  

·        CatchAFire

This page has filters by causes, skills, and length of the project to match your skills.

Causes/Fields of work include Animals; Arts & Culture; Civil Rights; Community & Economic Development; Disaster Relief; Disease & Medical Research; Diversity & Inclusion; Education; Employment Services; Environment; Health & Nutrition; Housing & Homelessness; Human Services; International Affairs; Justice & Legal Services; LGBTQ; Maternal Health; Military & Veterans Affairs; Philanthropy & Capacity Building; Religion & Spirituality; Science & Technology; Violence Prevention; Women’s Issues and Youth Development.

Very nice spot with a view to do some virtual volunteering


 ·        Points of Light

An organization keen on creating change by offering volunteering opportunities including remote opportunities in the field of: Accessible; Adult Education; Advocacy; Animals; Arts & Culture; Board Service; Children; Children & Youth; Children & Youth Education; Disabilities; Disaster & Emergency Services; Domestic Violence; Education; Emergency Services; Environment; Faith-based; Family-Friendly; Family services; Finance; Food Preparation; Fundraising; Health & wellness; Homelessness; Housing services; Human rights; Hunger; Hunger & Homelessness; Immigration & Refugee services; Indoor; Legal; Literacy; Marketing; Medical; Mental Health; Mentor services; Nonprofit; Office & Administrative; Outdoor; Physical labor; Remote; Schools; Senior Services; Seniors; Sports & Recreation; Technology; Transportation; Travel; Veterans & Military Families; Women’s Services; Writing; Youth

·        ConnectFor

ConnectFor specializes in in-person volunteering and due to the current situation have put together 21 interesting volunteering possibilities that can be completed remotely ranging from recording videos of you sharing your knowledge to teaching and recording animal-like voices together with your kids.

You Can Make A Difference  


An hour or so of your time towards these great causes will be highly beneficial to uplift these organizations and help improve the service they provide to the community.

I would encourage you to consider this at this time, as humanity stands united and strong to get through the current hurdle we face. 


If you know of any other virtual volunteering websites, please feel free to share them with me so I can add them to this list. 

Stay safe xx


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