DIY Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask

I am a strong believer of enhancing one’s natural beauty using natural products. The gel in an Aloe Vera plant has numerous benefits for the skin and that I have been wanting to buy the plant for home for a while now. Once I got my hand on the beautiful and spiky plant, it was... Continue Reading →

Easy DIY Organic Homemade Lip Balm

Things you need Coconut Oil Olive oil Beeswax (buy a bar online and use it for different products) A piece of fruit (optional or can be substituted with cocoa powder) Essential oils (optional) An old lip balm/lip stick container (I reused my old one even though it’s plastic)   Instructions Crush the fruit of your... Continue Reading →

Easy DIY Home Recycling Box

Materials required: Cardboard box (you can reuse packaging boxes, shoe boxes) Your favorite print outs, color paper or Paint (you can reuse old print outs) Letter cut outs from magazines Scissors Glue/Gum Cello tape   Instructions:  Measure the length and width of the cardboard box. I reused an IKEA packaging box Cut out the print... Continue Reading →

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